No More Click Bait or Fake News for Snapchat



No More Click Bait or Fake News for Snapchat

The parent company of the social media application known as Snapchat recently moved closer to halting clickbait, as it has revised its guidelines for content that is allowed from partners. (3 raters, 15 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Snapchat is the Trending App of the 21st Century

Who doesn’t make use of a tablet, laptop or Smartphone in this 21st Century where technology is on the increase and getting better? These days, all and sundry are connected with a gadget with a lot of new apps being

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Download Snapchat Free and Share Faster with more Friends

The Snapchat messaging app has taken many smartphones by storm over the recent few years. Although many people still remain in the dark when it comes to understanding it and its usefulness. It is a video sharing app, photo sharing

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Snapchat App Features

The advent of the Internet has also brought about the possibility to achieve a lot of tasks especially in the area of sharing of information over a long distance in a very little time. One of such tasks the internet

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How to Use Snapchat App to Market your Small Business

When you look at how much money and time businesses spend on just a small block of magazine ads and 1-minute television commercial, you will agree with me that using Snapchat app to promote your business is worthwhile. This application

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Snapchat Celebrates Raised $485 Million in Funding Round

Snapchat App which is known as ephemeral message application that’s had a whirlwind year, raised 485 million from just 23 investors since April, we should now forget Its a brand new legal filing shows. (2 raters, 10 scores, average: 5.00 out

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