Download Snapchat Free and Share Faster with more Friends

Download Snapchat Free and Share Faster with more Friends

The Snapchat messaging app has taken many smartphones by storm over the recent few years. Although many people still remain in the dark when it comes to understanding it and its usefulness. It is a video sharing app, photo sharing app, and a chat app too. With Snapchat, you will have found an ideal way of staying in touch with your friends and family. In case you are yet to share a Story or a Snap, consider reading on to find out some ways of using the app.

Getting Started With Snapchat App

You first be required to install the app from Google Play Store. Proceed by signing up for an account or signing in in case you have got one. You will get a username and password. You can change the username later – though it will be used as your ID when contacting with friends. After the sign-up process consider tapping on the ghost screen/icon so as to bring up friend and setting options.

Finding Friends on Snapchat

There are quite a number of ways that you can use when adding friends on Snapchat. If you give it permission, the app can access your contacts who are already on Snapchat. Still, you can consider searching their username by the help of the “Add Friends” icon. Moreover, you can use the Add Nearby option to add friends who are near you.

Blocking People on Snapchat

Are you regretting adding boring Peter or you are just getting some messages that you don’t like? Consider bring up your profile, and then proceed by tapping on “Added Me.” Here you will be able to see a list of all your friends’ names together with options to ignore and block. By tapping “Block” you will stop then from sending you chats and snaps as well as from seeing all the things that you have posted.

Sending Snaps on Snapchat

Snaps are just chats/messages on Snapchat that can only be viewed for not more than ten seconds. They will disappear once the viewer has looked them. It is pretty easy to take snap messages; just consider tapping the circle icon once. You can also record a video by pressing and holding. A caption can be added by tapping in the screen and then entering your caption text.

Screenshot on Snapchat

Due to the fact that snap messages expire within 10 seconds of viewing them. It doesn’t mean that you can save them. You can screenshot them for future reference or just share via other social media apps like Whatsapp. The process is just done the same way you screenshot other screens on your smartphone devices; mostly by holding the power and home button and pressing them simultaneously till you hear the shutter sound.

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