Show your SnapChat Photos and Let It Disappear in a Second

Show your SnapChat Photos and Let It Disappear in a Second

We are living in the period of a huge technological advance. Every day there are new applications for our smartphones and tablets. Developers create these apps to entertain us, or to give us some useful information. The SnapChat App is an app, which is very popular among young people, who love to share their photos with their friends.
Students of Stanford University Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, who were trying to do something creative, created this innovative and unique app. It is suitable for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The basic function is that you can send photos to your friends.

Features of the SnapChat App

However, the most typical feature of the SnapChat App is that you can set there a special time limit for your photos. You can set the expiration of the photo between one to ten seconds after your friend will open it. This process of self-destruction of the photo is very useful. It protects your photos.
Unlike the other social media sites, where your photos are uploaded almost forever, the SnapChat App enables you to send the photo to your friends, have a short look on it, and the system will automatically delete this photo.

Young people use these fast photos to express their emotions, while they are chatting with their friends. You can send a text message and you are free to add to it the photo of your face. It can represent your actual feeling or attitude. The biggest advantage is that the photo taken through the SnapChat App is just a short-term matter. On the other social media websites, the whole world will know about this photo. However, this application allows you to send the photo only for the concrete purpose, and only for a few seconds.

You can download SnapChat application from the App Store or from Google Play. The process of registration is well known for every user of apps. You just need to register, create your own unique account, sign in, find your friends, and then you can chat with them. Afterwards, you will set the time limit of how long should your photos appear to your friends. You can choose from one second to ten seconds. Be sure that after expiration of your photo, it will never show anywhere. The reliable system deletes all of the photos immediately.

Security of the system is also in its immediate access. If the receiving party has no immediate access to his or her device, system automatically deletes the photo. This ensures your security, when you do not want anyone else to see your personal messages and photos.

Personal Info with SnapChat App

The SnapChat App does not save the history and photos you sent. Therefore, it is impossible to look at the chat history. If you are sending some personal photos, you can be sure that no one else will see them than the receiver.

On the other hand, many creative persons can find the way of how to take a photo of your photo. This can be dangerous, but it is an obvious risk of this kind of chatting. It also allows to young people send some vulgar photos, because they are sure that the system will delete it. Moreover, for your children there is a risk of “sexting”, which is big temptation in accordance with SnapChat App.

To sum up, the SnapChat App is very useful, but you should use it very responsibly, because people like to search for ways of how to misuse your photos.

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