Snapchat Features

Snapchat Features

Snapchat is the photo messaging app which was developed by two Stanford University’s student. User can take photos, drawing or record videos and can send the same to the respective Snapchat friends.  Its a revolutionary messaging app in which user sends the photos and videos that disappears automatically from recipients mobile after a preset time. There are plenty of features in Snapchat which makes this app unique from other messaging apps. There are some features mentioned below which even a general public might not be aware of.

Live Chat

User can also live chat on Snapchat by swiping right on the person’s name and start typing your message. The text you send is ephemeral meaning that it will disappear once you leave the screen .

Replay Feature

Once the photo or video sent by the user disappears it can be replayed again, only once in a day.  To replay the message receiver has to follow the below mentioned steps to activate it Settings > Manage > Additional Services > Turn On the ‘Replay’ option

Live Video Chat

A new feature is been added which gives an opportunity to the user to live chat i.e. to do a video chat with the live friends available on Snapchat. This feature is an added advantage to the users who don’t have the specific feature of video calling in their mobile phones as with the Snapchat they can do the same with ease.


A new feature is added to the Snapchat that is Geofilter. Geofilter offers you special image depending on your location, to get these images the location services should be enabled.

Find your Friend’s Best Friend

You can find anyone’s best friend on Snapchat, isn’t exciting to know your friends best friend as they claim you to be their best friends. To know this go to your Snapchat contact list and click on the username and whoa! It will give their top three Snapchat friend’s name.

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