Snapchat Introduced Snapcash to Let Pals Pay Cash to Themselves Through the App

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Snapchat Introduced Snapcash to Let Pals Pay Cash to Themselves Through the App

Snapchat has declared a surprise partnership with Square that can enable users of the app to send payments to one another. In a blog post, the organization stated the brand new feature, dubbed ‘Snapcash‘, enables users to send cash right to buddy’s bank accounts.


Once you have added the program all you have to do to send cash and your debit card is swipe into chat, enter the quantity you would like to send and click the green button.

The company says it sent it to Square, who loved it and needed to build the newest attribute collectively and constructed initially constructed a prototype of Snapcash.

Only last month, over 100,000 photographs were leaked from the service when a third party customer was endangered. Snapchat, nevertheless, pointed out that it understands “security is crucial” and that “Square has plenty of expertise in this region.”

This move is huge news for Square also, which has never offered its payments inside another program formerly. When asked about whether this would be a chance for some other firms in future, Square told Recode that it’s “constantly researching means to allow it to be simpler for customers to send and request cash, but we do not have anything to declare at this time.”

Snapchat also upgraded its privacy policy now to allow for Snapcash, alongside refreshing a few of the conditions.

US Required

Snapcash requires the user to reside in america to be able to use Snapcash and be over 18 years old.

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