Snapchat is the Trending App of the 21st Century

Snapchat is the Trending App of the 21st Century

Who doesn’t make use of a tablet, laptop or Smartphone in this 21st Century where technology is on the increase and getting better? These days, all and sundry are connected with a gadget with a lot of new apps being updated and released everyday. Anytime a new update or app is released, it is discussed about on the Internet which makes it rather not possible for you not to test out all the commotion.

Snapchat is one of the most advanced and amazing apps that in existence at the moment. It is an app that lets you glimpse what your friends are capab le of doing and have the opportunity to communicate with them as well.

The first time that Snapchat was publicly released was in 2011. It has changed since its public release, despite the fact that there was not much to do on Snapchat at that time it was first released. It now has a 3.5 rating on the Google Play Store and 100 million active users daily, going by The Muse report. On the other hand, its users send above 700 million snaps each day. It is also being used by older people, even though most of its users are teens and those in their early 20s.

Snapchat is used as a way to start your social life of communicating with your friends and promoting a business or brand. Facebook has offered the company a $3 million buyout, according to the Atlantic Magazine.

The fact that Snapchat is not complicated to use is the good thing about it. With it, you can add an emoji, doodle, and caption or take a picture and send it to a friend privately or post it as your story in order for all your friends to see. You can put each story up for 10 seconds and allow it to last up to 24 hours only. The implication of this is that each photo you send disappears after 24 hours. People like using Snapchat everyday because it allows then t o communicate with their friends.

You could select from a variety of cool effects with the new update of Snapchat. Turn on your location, take a snap, and swipe to the left to demonstrate a location filter, if you want to allow your friends to know where you are. You also have the opportunity to video chat live with your friends anytime you desire, see whether somebody has opened your snap, and if they are typing. This means that a friend has no excuse to say that he has never received or opened your message.

What is even better about Snapchat is that is that if somebody takes a screenshot of your message or picture, you will get a notification. A lot of celebrities now make use of Snapchat to fill in their fans on what they are doing on a daily basis.

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