Download Snapchat v9.45 and Enjoy the New Features

Snapchat belongs in the group of recent apps in the mobile industry. Not long after it became popular on the market, it earned a certain number of interested parties. This Asian provider constantly works on the performance as well as on the style and attract users to join.

According to the latest news, Snapchat is on the way to introduce new features regarding advertising. It includes adding 10-second ads which will lead to the most durable links, videos or articles. In that way, customers will get information about recent news and activities. In addition, some of the new tools will also be available on the app as the color of the buttons and layout for the recent news. The option Discover will represent some media news as CNN or Buzzfeed, making you up to date.  The design will be renewed with many visual effects and other details.

If you like to be informed at any time, just subscribe to the specific providers and recent information will appear in your news feed. In order to subscribe to the news, click and hold on the page and the story will come up to you on the regular basis.

The next interesting feature includes a so-called Live option for following various events from all over the world. At any time, watch favorite music festivals, sports performances and much more. After watching all the stories, Snapchat will transparently show you in the list as viewed. For those who enjoy popular stickers or emoji, don‘t panic as Snapchat updated them too. As for taking photos, you will be able to take them right away from the main story page which will be easier for you.

The other changes include different nuances of colors and some buttons for delving into pages. However, Snapchat will be more sophisticated not only with the possible features but also with the style and performance it provides. We expect that number of future users to grow rapidly as they reveal changes on the provider. Regarding that Snapchat appeared on the market in 2011, we must observe that the success it made is remarkable and potentially future oriented. With over than 8 billion of videos checked on the daily basis, Snapchat is obviously fast growing provider.

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