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Snapchat is the new buzz in town, and youngsters are using it like there is no tomorrow. There is a reason why this messenger is used like it is the only thing in the world though, and the reason is its secretive nature.

Snapchat is a messenger that has a unique and controversial feature – the ability to delete a message after a few seconds of it being viewed by the recipient. So if one Snapchat user sends a photo to another Snapchat user, after a few seconds of the second user opening the message and viewing it, it will get self destructed. Currently, this app works for iOS as well as for Android.

One of the major ways of utilizing the power of Snapchat among the younger generation has proved to be sexting. With Snapchat, more and more young people are feeling brave when sending explicit or sexually suggestive elements or contents. Snapchat has become the go to app for anything that is sexual, whether photo, video or mere text. The ability to send a message in such a way that it gets destructed within 10 seconds or less has made this app extremely popular or viral among teenagers and college students! A huge number of parents have started worrying about the existence of the app, announcing that the app encourages risky or inappropriate behavior.

Apart from its unique self-destruction feature, another thing that has made this app popular is its ease of use. The sign up process of this app is quite easy, requiring an email. An opening screen appears once the app is launched the first time after being downloaded, and a user needs to sign up using the screen. A new Snapchat user is only required to enter an email and a password, and that’s it, nothing else! The hassle of confirmation email does not exist either.

When the initial screen is passed, another screen appears where a user is asked to enter a suitable username. Take note of the fact that Snapchat username is not changeable, so once you enter it, you are done. Therefore, make sure that you choose a username only after a good amount of thought. Once the username is entered, the app allows importing of contacts using either phone contact list or Facebook contact list. All a user needs to do in order to use the feature of contact import is click the button that reads ‘find friends’!

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