Snapchat Tricks and Tips

Snapchat is an application through which you can send your pictures and videos with your friends. You can say that Snapchat is the mini social media of sharing pictures and videos. Just Snap a photo or video instantly with the camera , easily add some cool caption on the picture and send this to your friends. Your sent pictures will be deleted from your friend’s screen after a short time. Enjoy in snapping your life events . The picture and video will be automatically deleted form Snapchat server. The Snapchat app is available for Android and iOS . In this tutorial I’ll show you some cool tips and tricks that you can do with your Snapchat application.

Edit pictures on Snapchat by Filters

The Snapchat lets you to apply cool collection of filters on your photos before it will be send to your friend . To enable this option , you don’t need to install any third party application for it . Open the Setting >> Manage and then select the Smart Filters and Visual Filters . It will ask for your location , so turn on your location settings . You can add different filters by swiping left or right on the screen.

Captions with special font

Snapchat allows you to send different picture with having different captions. If you want to change your font size for captions , you can easily do this by go to Settings>> Manage and than click on the enable special text . After you enable this option click the T button on the top right corner for font size.

Replay a Snap

In beginning Snapchat didn’t allow you to view the same snap twice , Now it allows you to see the snap for more times but the period should be limited to one day . To activate this option again go to Settings >> Manage and then select the Replay option . To reply the old snap , click on the recent snap options , than it will ask , would you like to replay this snap , select the Replay option for the action.

How to download Snaps in your device

On rooted android device you can download the snap on your phone. For this you must have installed Xposed Frameworks on your device. The Keepchat feature is available in Xposed which can automatically save your received snaps on your devices.

Change the Number of your Best friends

Snapchat will automatically added those people in your friends list whom you message the most frequently. You can change the Best friends list by navigate the Settings >> Manage , tap on # of Best friends and change it to 5 or 7.

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